Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: HGFC 1/144 - Nobell Gundam (Berserker Mode)

Model Number: GF13-050NSW
Height: 16.2m     Weight: 7.0t
Material: Gundarium Alloy, Super-Ceramic Composite, Rare Metal Hybrid
Nationality: Neo Sweden
Gundam Fighter (Pilot): Allenby Beardsley
Beam Sword
Head Vulcan Gun


I finished building the Berserker in one sitting since I'm already familiar with which part goes where.  Here are some differences I noticed from the regular Nobell.  First is the head part, remember in the regular Nobell it has a ball-like in the center where you attach the hair while in the Berserker mode, it has 5 parts for the hair which you separately attach them to the head.  The Berserker kit includes another extra head part (the one similar to the original Nobell) if you want to use the other hair.  The head is easily movable than the regular Nobell but since there are 3 parts for the hair, sometimes it falls off since it's not that tightly attached to the head.  The multiple hair can also be moved closely together or separately.

Next, the back part includes two bell-shaped rocket as a booster which the original Nobell doesn't have one but again this kit has an extra part wherein it can be use without the booster.

The Berserker mode uses two beam sabers but I notice the length is a bit shorter from other model kits.  It portrays more that this model is switch on battle mode.  I still prefer the beam sabers over the whip.  But the whip is still unique for the Nobell gundam which adds a cool effect during poses.

It has the same stickers used for this kit, it only changes the color for the center of her ribbon on her chest.

The downside for both the original and the Berseker Nobell is the feet.  If you're holding only that part, the model would surely fall off easily.    There's no polycap used on that part, like there's nothing to hold on to its place to make it steady.  So don't hold the feet alone.

I like the color of the Berserker mode better than the regular Nobell.  Similar to the Trans-Am effect.  It really blended well on the model.  That somehow it does look like the sweet Nobell gone berserk.  Also the model kit has a lot of extra parts, so I got another pair of hands for the G Gundam (it's the same actually so I find it redundant to be included again).

Panel lining is also the same as the original Nobell.

Overall, there's really nothing special for the Berserker Mode as it only changed color, hair, weapon and with an additional booster.  I do prefer this one because I like how the colors blended well with the model.  It's a good addition to your gunpla collection if you have the original Nobell because then it gives you creative ideas for a Nobell photo shoot.  But don't expect much with the features as this is as simple as it is.    Also, if you're a Sailor Moon fan then you might appreciate this model kit.

Stay tuned for more gunpla reviews.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


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