Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: HGUC 1/144 - Gundam Unicorn

Model Number: RX-0
Pilot: Banagher Links
Appearance: Gundam Unicorn
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Armaments: 2x Vulcan Gun (mounted in head)
                   4x Beam Saber (not included in the kit)
                   Beam Magnum

This is the most detailed HG model I've ever build so far. The Unicorn basically consists of red psycho inner frames and white outer frames. There are so many parts that require red panel lines. This is actually my first time to do a red red panel lining on the model because usually it's the black market that's being used. I can't believe the combination of red markers and red clear frames would turn out great. This blending is sufficient enough to provide a unique detail on the Unicorn. That is why there are very few stickers in the kit. The model kit only has a beam rifle and shield for it's equipment. It also comes with an ammo that can be attached at the back skirt of the model. Both the beam rifle and shield can either be attached on the back or on the arms. Of course it can also hold the beam rifle using the trigger hand.

This model has 4 beam saber handles, 2 attached on the back and 2 stored in both arms. Although, their only purpose is for design and details since the kit didn't include any clear parts for the beam saber. But you could borrow some beam saber from othet HG kits. The model had decent articulation. The head can rotate 360 degrees and move forward and back. The arms and legs can adjust in any position. But there may be some difficulty due to it's bulky size. I had a hard time of making poses for the model during the photo shoot due to it's lack of equipment. Aside from that, this model only has two closed fists and one trigger hand for the beam rifle. This kit could have atleast included an extra open palm hand. That way there will be more alternative poses. That's why my pictures really focused on the Unicorn's body parts to specify the awesome details. For more poses you could get some assistance from an action base to have the Unicorn in flight mode.

Now let's proceed to the downside of the model. Even though the articulation is good, the front skirt is a bit loose in place. Same goes for the back skirt that easily falls off. Next would be the equipment. Considering it's price, this kit should have included atleast one beam saber. I mean a cheaper HG model kit has one, so why not this one as well. Aside from those, I have nothing else against the model.

Overall, the Unicorn is a great model despite it's weaknesses. It's awesome detail makes up for it's liabilities. I would consider this model as higher than a HG and almost like a RG im terms of details. This model kit is highly recommended to all gunpla fans. You will have a lot of fun building this model. This concludes my review of the HG 1/144 - Gundam Unicorn. Thank you for viewing ang I hope you find it useful. I'm thinking of getting the Unicorn Banshee for my next gunpla project. So look forward to it. Check out also my previous posts.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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