Friday, March 23, 2012

Unbox: HGFC 1/144 - Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki


















The box is big compared to a regular HG and the price is similar to a RG scale. Inside the box are 8 runners, stickers, a rubber rope, flyers, a cardboard and an instruction booklet. Yes, this kit uses a booklet rather than the usual manual. The rubber rope will obviously be used by the Master Gundam as a handle for the Fuunsaiki .
Since it's a two in one kit, the runners are divided into the Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki.

Aside from the usual contents, it also has a Gundam G designed cardboard that can be cut into two and be used as a background for the Action Base 3. There's also a small flyer that promotes the Gundam G series. Another great bonus item in the kit is the Master Gundam's pilot, Master Asia. Just by looking at these contents gives you an assurance that the model kit will give you lots of fun.

I'm expecting a lot from it's feature and articulation considering it's a martial artist just like the Gundam God. It may take some time for me to finish the model since it's a large kit. But I'll do my best to finish it as fast as I can. So look forward to my full review of the HG 1/144 - Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki.

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