Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gunpla Tutorial: 10 Tips on How to Pose and Display Gunpla Models

It's fun building Gunpla models, but what do you do next after completing the model? It's a shame to store them in the box. So here are some tips on how to pose and display your Gunpla collection.

1. Copying the box art
If your having trouble thinking of a pose, the easiest way is to copy poses that is on the box or on the manual that came with the model. You can even search the internet for poses made by other people.

2. Action Base
Most common way of displaying gunpla models is making use of an action base. This will allow your gunpla in flight mode and assist you in making almost any kind of pose.

3. Hangar
Sometimes its nice to see your gunpla model in a different perspective. Placing it in a hangar will allow you to view it on its inactive state.

4. Backdrop
This can be done by having a background at the back of your model. You can either print one from the internet, make your own or buy from a hobby store. There are a lot to choose from such as sky, space. city, mountain, etc.

5. Lighting Effects
This is a great way of emphasizing particular parts on the model and having it displayed on the dark. Two ways of achieving this is by having a lighting setup action base or making use of LED for 1/100 and 1/60 scale models.

6. Revolving Stand
You'll be able to constantly see every angle of your gunpla model with this setup. This is perfect if you want to make a video review of the model.

7. Put it in a glass case
There are people who wants to have their collection in mint condition. Unlike figures that are protected in a window box while displayed, you won't be able to do it with a gunpla while it's inside the box. So other people are making use of glass case instead to display their gunpla and at the same time protect it from dust. Downside with this is it will occupy some space which leaves less room for other figures that you want to display.

8. Pairing Gunpla Models
If your having difficulty coming up with single poses, another technique is to pair gunpla models with one another. This will allow you to recreate certain fight scenes from the series.

9. Use Effect Parts
It became a trend to pose action figures with effects and gunpla models are no exception. Doing so will give more intensity to your display. There are a lot of different effect parts that you can use such as flame, wave, impact, thunder, aura, etc. Other gunpla models by default, include effect parts in the kit.

10. Make a Diorama Set
Advsnced gunpla builders takes their hobby to the highest level by making their own diorama set. This requires some time and creative thinking. These are the ones that are commonly entered during gunpla competitions. You can search Youtube for some tip on how to get started.

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