Friday, October 7, 2016

Unbox: HGPG 1/144 - Panda'GGuy

We're on a roll with the GGuy series. After the bears, we now have a panda added to our collection.  Instead of Petit'GGuy, the name has been changed to Panda'GGuy. Inside the box are the same amount of runners with a few additional parts. Being a panda, the color scheme is a combination of black and white with green extra parts. What caught our attention are the stickers. We were surprised that the stickers came with a sweat drop, angry icon and different eye expressions. Now that's something new.

You'll also notice that aside from the box cover, there's also a box art underneath promoting the different Build Customs that are compatible with the GGuy series. We're now done with the unboxing and time for us to build some panda. So look forward to our next post for the full review.

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