Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: Figure-Rise Bust - Kira Yamato

Building a bust size model kit was a new experience for us. It was more like putting puzzle pieces together. There weren't that many parts so were able to finish it within a few minutes. The parts are composed of hard and rubber plastic. The hard plastic is a bit thick which makes the nub marks hard to remove.

It came with a stand with a silver plate sticker stating "Gundam Seed" and "Kira Yamato". There's also an extra part that you can attach to the base and have it connect with other action bases. Other stickers are for the collar, chest plate and emblems for the shoulders. You'll just need to be careful in applying the stickers because they easily break with too much force. The only extra detail we applied is a panel line on the chest.
Articulation only involves the head turning side to side and the body rotating on its base.

Overall, the Figure-Rise Bust - Kira Yamato is a great figure for Gundam Seed collectors. We actually had it displayed together with our Stike Freedom Gundam models. Our shrine looks better than ever. After this, we already have Athrun Zala next in line so look forward to out next post.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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