Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: HGPG 1/144 - Panda'GGuy

Building Panda'GGuy is almost the same as the Petit'GGuys with minor difference in some parts. Being a panda, the color scheme is composed of black and white. The only additional detail we applied are some panel lines on the chest. No need to apply any marker on the ribbon since its already color green. So it was a quicker build than we expected.

We went with the irritated eyes and sweat drop stickers for the facial expression because it looks cuter and to establish more comparison from the previous Petit'GGuy models. Another distinct feature is its bamboo shoot. It might be small, but having a unique accessory still makes a big difference. Everything else with the model are the same, like the articulation and puzzle piece action base.

Overall, we really enjoyed playing with this model. Panda is taking the GGuy series to the next level. We're hoping that future GGuy models would also have some special gimmick. Thank you for viewing and look out for more Gunpla posts.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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